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Requirements for two-wheeler loan in India

Various formalities need to be completed before a potential buyer can get a loan for a two-wheeler. These formalities vary from place to place and from bank to bank. In India, the general minimum qualifying standards for obtaining a loan for a two-wheeler from Rupeezo are maintained such that a substantial segment of the population can obtain a loan without difficulty

Loan tenure:

The minimum and maximum tenure for a loan vary, depending on the price and model of the product. It can range from 12 months to 60 months

Eligibility criteria:

A loan can be provided only to a person above 20 years of age who earns more than or 1.4 LPA.

Interest rate:

The interest rate varies according to the number of instalments needed for the total payment. Hence, everything is linked with the potential of the buyer.

Documents required:

To get the loan, various documents are required to validate the buyer's eligibility; it includes various official documents like bank proof, ID proof, employment proof, age proof, etc.

These are some basic formalities that have to be completed by any buyer looking for a loan. Based on the cross-matching of the amount required and salary of the person, the range of loan to be provided, and the number of instalments is decided.

Taking a loan for two-wheelers comes with various benefits

In India, people have a high varying income rate. Hence, a large section of society can't buy expensive commodities without getting pressured.

The main benefits of taking a loan for a two-wheeler are:

  • Less financial pressure
  • Easy instalments
  • Budget management
  • Insurance coverage

A two-wheeler is one of the most common and basic needs of every household, and the most convenient way to purchase one is via a loan. It helps an individual to buy a two-wheeler of his choice without the pressure of paying the total amount in a single go.

This helps people maintain their budget for the entire month as they can pay the total amount with some reasonable interest in a fixed number of instalments. A reasonable two wheeler loan interest rate depends on the loan amount enabling a buyer to look for various options depending on his requirement and eligibility. Also, one of the greatest benefits of buying a two-wheeler via a loan is that the customer need not be in the category of tax-providing people. Hence, low-income individuals can also fulfil their desire and purchase two-wheelers of their choice.

These loans also provide their customers with vehicle insurance that covers any damage over a certain period and saves a lot of repair money in case of any damage to the vehicle. This process of loan sanctioning is quite flexible and doesn't have any complicated procedure; hence, it is done in a short period.

The mandatory checklist to apply loan for a two-wheeler

To avail all these benefits, a customer needs to provide documents that validate his eligibility criteria and can be kept as proof for use in the future. These documents are a set of common official papers and ID proof to ensure the validity and eligibility of the customer so that a proper loan range and interest rate can be provided to the customer.

This helps the customers cross-check the loan ranges that they can afford with a special two-wheeler interest rate; this helps them select suitable instalment periods and other formalities. In India, this consists of providing:

  • An aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Driving licence
  • Voter's ID card
  • Passport, or any similar official ID proof
  • Income proof is also mandatory, and if the buyer is a tax provider, then income tax-related proof, within previous months, is also required.

A two-wheeler is one of the most common and basic needs of every household, and the most convenient way to purchase one is via a loan. It helps an individual to buy a two-wheeler of his choice without the pressure of paying the total amount in a single go.

This is done to ensure that the buyer has the potential of returning a loan amount with specific interest over the instalment period without any problems or financial pressure. These documents also include passport size photographs of the buyer as his identity proof.

The mentioned documents are essential for the loan provider and the buyer to have mutual trust and cooperation from both ends. Also, the bank records need to be updated if there are any updates in the provided documents so there won't be any ambiguity.

Boost the loan approval steps for a better experience!

To get the formalities done quickly, the buyer needs to ensure various things, including providing the required documents on time. This step depends on various factors that include selecting a proper loan amount. To get a two-wheeler loan, a buyer needs to cross-check various elements, including his requirements, his model preference, the price that he can afford, his income, and more.

Once a buyer matches all these factors with the available loan amount with specific interest rates, the buyer can proceed. This step can be done quickly if the buyer has done a market survey beforehand. After this, the number of instalments or EMIs can be set depending on the buyer's income and other associated factors.


This is finalized based on the flexibility and rules of the loan generating firm to maintain the integrity and convenience of both ends.


This step includes the verification of the eligibility criteria of the potential buyer and deals with checking the buyer's monthly income and income stability so that the loan can be provided without any interruption.


Then come various requirements like income proof and down payment details to apply an applicable interest rate over the loan amount. Hence, it takes the buyer's income into account, enabling a large section of low and average-income individuals to purchase a two-wheeler.


For better results, there is also a facility for taking a two-wheeler loan online, hence, the buyers have been provided with a highly flexible and approachable environment.

Big Picture- Concluding the loan approval journey for two-wheelers

Finally, getting a two-wheeler loan in India is not a complicated procedure. All a potential buyer requires is a set of valid official documents that satisfy the eligibility criteria of the individual and act as proof for the loan generating firm. To apply for a two-wheeler loan, an individual must satisfy the minimum age criteria, income criteria and be a potential person capable of paying the whole loan amount with an applied interest rate in the given number of instalments without facing any financial pressure.

Convenient payment mechanism:

Overall, the number of people applying for two-wheeler loans is increasing. It is a convenient way of purchasing a vehicle where the buyer can adjust his payment period at the start so that his budget is maintained. This ensures that a large section of society consisting mostly of low and average-income individuals can buy a two-wheeler which is a basic requirement.

With this, it is clear that the amount of loan provided to an individual depends on his capability of returning the specified amount to the provider within the provided duration efficiently.

Ensuring customer security and validity:

The bank also runs a few security and validation checks under its policy to get approval for the desired loan and helps the customer select a beneficial offer.

The mechanism of loans for buying various expensive commodities is increasing across the country, and many potential organizations are dependent on loans for their large-scale purchases. This helps in the development of the market by generating more revenue that increases the market value of our nation.

Withdrawing the approved case:

A customer can cancel an approved loan by providing all the necessary details related to the customer and the loan agreement. Hence, it ensures that the customer requirements are met in various situations providing a flexible environment so that the customer can easily approach them in the future.

Easy loan generation:

The loan generation procedure is simple and quick. The only requirement from the customer side is the preparation of all the required official documents timely that will be proof for the buyer's eligibility.

These documents should be updated before applying for the loan. In case of any later update, the buyer must inform the bank about it and correct it in the bank records to ensure data consistency. These steps are essential as they help banks maintain customer records for future use. This also benefits the customers as depending on their income and other factors; banks help them get loans at low-interest rates and avail certain benefits of daily requirements.

The vehicle loan plays a major role and is dependent on the region also; this is because of the availability of various brands, models, and other offers in specific regions. Overall, everything is managed to meet the customer requirements and provide a better platform to achieve high customer satisfaction by providing a flexible environment with high customer support.


Is it good to avail personal loan in India?

Getting a personal loan is a good idea if you have a stable income and want quick money for medical emergencies, wedding needs, moving costs, or vacation. It provides you with more money when compared to credit cards.

How is Rupeezo’s personal loan secured?

Secured loans require collateral, i.e., your financial assets (your home, some land, etc.). If your credit score is good, you can easily get an unsecured instant personal loan that does not require any collateral.

Can you pay off early for a personal loan?

Yes, you can pay your loan early. You can even pay the whole amount in a single installment. You can decide your installment money and even your locking period.

What is the interest rate on a personal loan at Rupeezo?

If you have a decent credit score, you can avail of a loan with lower interest rates starting from 11.99%. However, interest rates vary according to your personal loan amount.

How can I calculate the interest rate on a personal loan?

To calculate your interest rate for a personal loan, you can contact us at Rupeezo.

What is the lowest salary needed for a personal loan?

Minimum salary of Rs. 20K is enough to get a personal loan at Rupeezo. However, relaxation is provided in a few cases.

Which documents are required for a personal loan?

Your income proof (bank statement, salary sheet), address proof, and ID proof. These are the primary documents that are required for the documentation process.

List of personal loan types at Rupeezo:

The list of personal loan types includes secured and unsecured loans. Loans that require collateral are called secured loans, and the loans which do not require any collateral are called unsecured loans. For more information, check out our website.

What is the maximum amount I can get applying for a personal loan?

Rupeezo offers up to 15 lac rupees for a personal loan.

How can I repay my personal loan?

You can repay your loans as monthly installments online, or you can even repay your loan instantly without any installments. The repayment process can be set up according to one’s own comfort and availability.

What credit rating should I have to avail myself of a loan?

The credit score should be 750 or more. Hence, have a decent credit score. However, you can also take a secured loan that requires collateral, i.e. your financial assets.

How can I track my personal loan application status?

You can track your application status via email or customer service.

How can I cancel my personal loan after the loan is disbursed?

Loan cancellation is easily carried out, but a cancellation fee must be paid. However, no cancellation fee is induced if the loan application is withdrawn in the early stages.

What happens if I do not pay the amount of my personal loan?

The lender will report your account as a non-performing asset or an NPA, which will lower your credit score, resulting in lowering your credibility to get a loan further on.

How does Rupeezo help people to offer instant personal loans?

Rupeezo provides online, hassle-free loan services throughout India, bringing a quick solution to people’s monetary problems. Online documentation and our experienced hands make taking an instant personal loan a childs play.