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Marriage loan eligibility

It is a critical criterion to understand when planning to seek out a wedding loan:

  • Age:
  • The applicant's age must be between 24 and 60 years old. While this is not a hard-and-fast rule, it is followed by many lending institutions.

  • Basic income:
  • Most lending institutions have a basic income requirement. Under this eligibility requirement, you must show that you earn at least INR 20,000 per month to be eligible for a loan.

  • CIBIL Score:
  • The CIBIL Score is an eligibility criterion by almost all lending institutions. This marriage loan eligibility criterion dictates that you should have a CIBIL Score between 700 and 900 to be eligible.

    Other criteria that are occasionally considered:

  • Nationality:
  • Several lending institutions provide marriage loans only for Indian nationals. Therefore, you must be a citizen of India or a non-resident Indian (NRI) to be eligible for the loan.

  • Credit history:
  • Credit history is also considered by some lending institutions. If your credit history is good, you may be eligible for a lower interest rate. Credit history may also influence the loan amount you are eligible for.

Documents required for a wedding loan

  1. ID proof:
  2. Applicants are required to submit at least two identity proofs during the process. These can be PAN card, Aadhar card, driving licence, voter ID, passport, ration card, National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NEGRA) job card, etc.

  3. Proof of address:
  4. Applicants must also submit at least one proof of address during the process. This can be an Aadhar card, driving licence, voter ID, passport, ration card, utility bill (electricity, water, internet, etc.) or rental agreement. However, the same document cannot be used as ID proof and proof of address.

  5. Age proof:
  6. It is given to show the applicant is eligible for the loan. This includes a school leaving certificate, birth certificate or PAN card.

  7. Repayment can be done in monthly instalments
  8. This can be shown as pay slips (for salaried) and bank statements (for self-employed or business owners).

  9. Proof of income:
  10. There are never any specified terms regarding where you can use the loan funds. These days, everyone prefers advanced hospitals to get the best for themselves and their families. But as we all know, more advanced treatments come hand-in-hand with higher prices. Getting an emergency loan in these situations can enable you to smoothly receive medical treatment at any reputed hospital of your choice.

Features and benefits of wedding loan

Quick loan approval:

The process of these loans is much easier and simpler than other types of loans. Approval is received within one week of applying.

Unsecured loans:

These are no-collateral loans, and therefore applicants can borrow without placing any asset at risk.

Minimal documentation:

The application process only requires proof of address, identity and income. These can be provided with payslips.

High approval rates:

These loans have one of the highest approval rates and are only hindered if you have a very bad credit history.

Flexible repayment options:

Most banking and non-financial institutions allow applicants to pay EMIs for three months to 5 years.

Swift disbursal:

Once the loan is approved, the amount is generally credited into the applicant’s account within 3-5 business days.

How to apply for a marriage loan at Rupeezo in India?


You can apply for a wedding loan at Rupeezo by visiting the wedding loan page.


Select the amount you wish to borrow. Input your mobile number and enter the OTP in the field.


Input your mobile number and enter the OTP in the field.


Fill in all the details, upload scanned copies of the documents and submit your application.

You will receive an instant confirmation that your application is complete. You will also be able to review different loans available to you at different marriage loan interest rates.

How does Rupeezo help people to take a marriage loan in India?

Rupeezo is an online lending aggregator platform with connections with some of the best lending institutions in the world. Ruppezo allows users to browse through a range of loans for any particular category and select the best loan for their requirements.

Many banking institutions accept Rupeezo’s streamlined application process; therefore, people can complete applications on Rupeezo and have various loan options open to them. The process is hassle-free, requires minimal documentation, and applicants receive constant updates on the processing of their applications. Marriage loans on Rupeezo start at 11.99% and require only basic documentation.

Wedding loans are among the most common loans available but are unused because many people are unaware of the benefits. Marriage loans in India have low-interest rates, require minimum documentation and provide a range of benefits that can help the bride and groom have their dream wedding.


What is a marriage loan in India?

It is a personal loan provided by many banking and financial institutions. The loan serves to provide financial support for any couple getting married. The amount received under a marriage loan can be used to plan any wedding-related function including, but not limited to Mehendi, sangeet, haldi, wedding ceremony, reception, etc.

Why should I take a personal loan for my marriage?

Personal loans for a wedding can help you celebrate this milestone without any financial barriers. Wedding loans serve to provide financial assistance. The amount can also be used to pay for wedding-related expenses, including caterers, wedding halls, gifts, wedding shopping, clothes, venues, etc. This ensures you can have your dream wedding without any barriers.

How do you calculate a marriage loan’s EMI?

EMI is calculated as the principal amount + interest paid on loan. You can use an online EMI calculator to calculate the monthly instalment you need to pay. The formula is:

EMI = [P ✕ R ✕ (1+R)^N] / [(1+R)^N-1]

Where P = principal amount, R = interest rate, and N = number of monthly instalments you need to pay. N is calculated as:

N = Loan tenure ✕ 12

What is the eligibility criteria of a marriage loan?

The eligibility depends on the applicant’s age, monthly income and CIBIL Score. Ideally, the applicant should be between 24-60 years old, have a minimum monthly income of INR 20,000 per month, and a CIBIL score of 700-900. Some lending institutions also require applicants to be citizens of India or NRIs and have a good credit history.

What are the documents required when applying for a marriage loan?

Only four documents are required: Proof of ID, address, age and income. Applicants can use a PAN card, Aadhar card, driving licence, voter ID, passport, ration card, National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NEGRA) job card, utility bill (electricity, water, internet, etc.) or rental agreement for proof of ID, address and age. Proof of Income is given in the form of 3 recent payslips (for salaried) and three recent months’ bank statements (for self-employed/business owners).

What are processing fees for a marriage loan?

The processing fees for a marriage loan are up to 2.50% of the total loan amount. The processing fee may change from institution to institution.

What is the marriage loan interest rate at Rupeezo?

The marriage loan interest rate at Rupeezo starts from 11.99%.

How fast are the marriage loans approved at Rupeezo?

We provide swift approvals for marriage loans. The approval can take from 24 hours to one week, depending upon the case and the documents provided by the applicant.

How can I complete the repayment of my marriage loan?

Repayment of the same in India can be made using cheques, wire transfers, UPI payment, bank transfer (NEFT and IMPS), and digital wallets, including GPay, PhonePe, PayTM, etc.

What are the factors that affect marriage loans?

Marriage loan amounts depend upon your age, credit history, CIBIL score and monthly income. Some institutions may also consider salary history or earning history when deciding the loan amount, you receive.