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Features of personal loan

  • Get easy loans at reasonable rates:

    Instant loans are available at affordable rates, which helps take loans without shaking one’s budget.
  • Get lower rates on higher amounts:

    Low personal loan rates are usually applied when a larger loan is taken. This helps one in taking bigger loans with lesser interests.
  • Availability of more money than a credit card:

    It offers you a much larger amount when compared to credit cards.
  • Flexible locking period:

    Flexible locking periods are offered according to convenience, making it easier to pay debts. A locking period is a period when you have to pay your debt back to the bank.
  • The fixed amount has to be paid monthly:

    No variations in amount are there, and a fixed amount must be paid monthly. The amount is neither increased nor decreased once the monthly installments have begun.
  • No collateral requirement:

    Usually, no collateral is required in loans up to some limit, enabling one to take an instant personal loan easily. The loans which do not require any collateral are called unsecured loans.
  • Easy accessibility:

    One can easily apply online and get them approved instantly. Documentation and other formalities are performed online.

4 quick steps to avail of an instant personal loan
A person should follow these 4 steps:-


Determine your requirement

Check the amount of money that you require thoroughly. For example, if you need Rs. 5 lakhs for renovation, taking a loan of Rs. 2.5 lakhs will not help you. Hence, plan your loan amount properly.


Check personal loan eligibility

After checking your required loan amount, you need to check your eligibility.


Calculate monthly installments

Calculate your monthly amount, which you have to pay to the bank, and budget yourself accordingly.


Submit documents

Usually, your income proof (bank statements, salary slips), ID proof, and address proof are required for formal documentation.

How does Rupeezo offer loans in India?

Rupeezo is the top loan-lending forum that provides a hassle-free method of applying for loans to their customers. We are integrated with India's leading banks and NBFCs to help our customers get instant personal loans without any glitch. Online documentation and good communication with the banks make loan approval very easy. One can apply online through our portal and get a loan with a click on their phone or laptop. Integration with a wide pool of banks across India results in easy approval of loans within minimum time frames.

Why choose Rupeezo only in India?
Here are some reasons why one should take an instant personal loan in India from Rupeezo only:-

10K+ happy customers

We have always left our customers satisfied and smiling with our services, making us the best portal to provide instant personal loans to more than 10K+ customers.

Easy and simple documentation

Easy online documentation keeping your safety in mind. Online documentation is carried out throughout India making loans approachable to the remotest of places.

20+ years of experience

We have been in the game for more than 20+ years and have a lot of experience handling the loan business, and we have duly delivered that.

Online disbursal

We ensure that you receive money directly into your account. A no-contact process is carried out with your safety in our mind during the pandemic.

Customer transparency

Your privacy is our ultimate responsibility. We adhere to very strict privacy policies for our customers.

Quick sanction

Get loan approval within 48 hours of your submission. Online documentation speeds up the process and enables us to sanction the loan as soon as possible.

Highest loan approval rate

Thanks to our integration with many banks, we have a high loan approval rate.

Collateral-free loans

No collateral is required based on your credit history. Good credit scores are more than enough to get your personal loan approved.

Get your instant personal loan today with the easiest process you can find online and turn your fantasies into realities with Rupeezo, India. Need a loan today? Apply online on our website or send us an email at [email protected].


Is it good to avail personal loan in India?

Getting a personal loan is a good idea if you have a stable income and want quick money for medical emergencies, wedding needs, moving costs, or vacation. It provides you with more money when compared to credit cards.

How is Rupeezo’s personal loan secured?

Secured loans require collateral, i.e., your financial assets (your home, some land, etc.). If your credit score is good, you can easily get an unsecured instant personal loan that does not require any collateral.

Can you pay off early for a personal loan?

Yes, you can pay your loan early. You can even pay the whole amount in a single installment. You can decide your installment money and even your locking period.

What is the interest rate on a personal loan at Rupeezo?

If you have a decent credit score, you can avail of a loan with lower interest rates starting from 11.99%. However, interest rates vary according to your personal loan amount.

How can I calculate the interest rate on a personal loan?

To calculate your interest rate for a personal loan, you can contact us at Rupeezo.

What is the lowest salary needed for a personal loan?

Minimum salary of Rs. 20K is enough to get a personal loan at Rupeezo. However, relaxation is provided in a few cases.

Which documents are required for a personal loan?

Your income proof (bank statement, salary sheet), address proof, and ID proof. These are the primary documents that are required for the documentation process.

List of personal loan types at Rupeezo:

The list of personal loan types includes secured and unsecured loans. Loans that require collateral are called secured loans, and the loans which do not require any collateral are called unsecured loans. For more information, check out our website.

What is the maximum amount I can get applying for a personal loan?

Rupeezo offers up to 15 lac rupees for a personal loan.

How can I repay my personal loan?

You can repay your loans as monthly installments online, or you can even repay your loan instantly without any installments. The repayment process can be set up according to one’s own comfort and availability.

What credit rating should I have to avail myself of a loan?

The credit score should be 750 or more. Hence, have a decent credit score. However, you can also take a secured loan that requires collateral, i.e. your financial assets.

How can I track my personal loan application status?

You can track your application status via email or customer service.

How can I cancel my personal loan after the loan is disbursed?

Loan cancellation is easily carried out, but a cancellation fee must be paid. However, no cancellation fee is induced if the loan application is withdrawn in the early stages.

What happens if I do not pay the amount of my personal loan?

The lender will report your account as a non-performing asset or an NPA, which will lower your credit score, resulting in lowering your credibility to get a loan further on.

How does Rupeezo help people to offer instant personal loans?

Rupeezo provides online, hassle-free loan services throughout India, bringing a quick solution to people’s monetary problems. Online documentation and our experienced hands make taking an instant personal loan a childs play.