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Apply for a personal loan using Rupeezo instant loan app

Our instant loan app offers instant advances at alluring financing costs, zero guarantees, and adaptable EMIs. This instant personal advance is for situations that prevent you from fulfilling your dreams due to monetary constraints.

It gives you a swift instant advance regardless of whether it's for a wedding, an expensive get-away, covering hospital expenses, purchasing durables, or home improvement. The system is succinct and can be directed within the security of your own home. The app is accessible across all Indian states.

Features and benefits of our instant loan app

Being one of the most prominent lending platforms, our app bargains in giving you a hassle-free experience in assuming instant credits. The accompanying characteristics make this app your one-stop answer for all your credit-related inconveniences. Some features and benefits include:

Administrations managing a wide assortment of loans

This stage offers various types of assistance against personal loans and conveys services for credits pertaining to business, travel, education, wedding, vehicle or 2-wheeler, and medical.

Arrangement for qualification check

Following the step-by-step guidance set accessible at the application interface, an individual can look at their qualification to apply for an instant loan in India with extreme ease. This assists in providing a basis and prior estimation regarding the principal sum of the advance an individual can use. It is a decent measure to design out the prerequisites of the spending plan.

Guarantee-free loans at reasonable interest rates

The arrangement of instant advances doesn't need any assurance or asset security to support credit applications. Alongside this, an affordable interest rate is proposed to suit your financial plans.

Quick documentation process

We provide monetary advances at nominal documentation, thus prompting a quick eligibility check process that enables easy authorizations. It is a fully digitized process with a simple user interface that allows swift amount disbursal when the credit is sanctioned.

Support of high-security norms

Our API stage doesn't engage in any unapproved or unlawful work on guaranteeing total security. As far as correspondence and information are concerned, the buyer's security is adequately maintained. Our objective is to furnish speedy internet-based disbursal of instant credits with minimal complications and maximum transparency.

We are one of the top loan aggregator platforms in India as we strive to assist our clients with getting instant advances. Our 20+ years of experience permitted us to make these arrangements effective and consistent.

How to apply for a personal loan through Rupeezo online app?

With our smart app, you can now get the scheme best suited to your requirement with just a few clicks from anywhere.

For Android:


Head to the Google Playstore and search for the Rupeezo app. Download and install it.


Open the app on your smart device and create an account with your email ID and password. Verify the necessary details.


Fill in the necessary personal information and submit.


Submit details regarding your employment status and professional background.


Scan and upload original copies of required official documents.


Submit essential information about your bank account.


Finally, submit once you have rechecked all the information.

Why choose Rupeezo Instant Loan App?

We are a fintech organization that gives quick, adaptable, collateral-free personal loans through a portable application to youthful salaried twenty- to thirty-year-olds across India. The app aims to aid many youngsters whose applications have been turned down by traditional banks and monetary organizations and bring them into the proper credit framework. Standard credit assessment measurements were previously deficient when giving advances to young individuals - our app meets this need.

We are giving reasonable schemes, fast credit on versatile, reasonable financing costs, and adaptable EMIs, accessible in most urban communities. One more advance towards maintainability is online disbursal. The application, handling, and financial exchange - everything is made online. Once your application is endorsed, the sum will instantly be credited to your account.

With our instant feature, the most common way of applying for an advance is drastically rearranged to a couple of clicks on our free portable mobile application. Any person possessing a smartphone and an original ID proof can do a qualification and eligibility check-in under 15 minutes through the application.


You can see your eligibility when you enter the application. The results will show up according to the details you provide and prove credible. Here are some eligibility criteria:

  • You ought to be an Indian resident.
  • You must have a source of salary within an enlisted organization.
  • Your base compensation should be up to the mark as mentioned explicitly.
  • Your age should be between 18 and 60 years of age.
  • You are qualified to apply, provided you can prove your eligibility using official original documents.

Documents Required

The documents required to avail of instant advances are very straightforward. You would have to present proof of your identity, address, and source of income. Identity proofs can be an Aadhaar card, Voter ID card, PAN card, Passport, driving licence. You can present identification proof that mentions your address details or rental agreements as address evidence. To receive the instant credit, you also need to submit bank account statements and compensation slips for the last quarter to a half year.

Instant EMI Calculator

Are you searching for a reliable platform to calculate EMI details? With our app EMI calculator, you can get an idea of your potential EMI figures, interest rate, and tenure in seconds. An exact figure of EMI shows up that needs to be paid monthly. Our EMI calculator has accessible user interfaces and can be utilized with just a few taps.

Our primary goal is to make lending arrangements hassle-free and open for all. Our flexible advance tenures and reimbursement methods demonstrate our dedication to our clients' needs. Our experts are at your beck-and-call 24*7 to guide you to accomplish security-free monetary assistance with extreme transparency of activities and the security of the dealings.